Skin Care Under 35

If you’re 35 and under and looking to project a youthful glow while reducing some of those fine lines and wrinkles that have started forming on your face, laser treatments could be your answer.

Your skin starts its life-long decline into aging sometime in your late twenties or early thirties. That’s when hormonal changes, environmental stresses, and unhealthy lifestyle choices all begin to show up — just a little bit — on your face.

We all know about the importance of a good skin care routine that includes daily SPF, face masks and natural ingredients free of chemicals. By starting to incorporate laser treatments at least 1-2 times per year, it will keep fine lines from forming down the road. Even if you think your skin is already starting to look a little dull, or maybe your pores are getting a little too large, laser and radiofrequency is a fantastic option. It is an excellent solution for skin brightening, tightening, building collagen and improving skin’s texture at a deep cellular level.

At Vitality we can give you the results you’re looking for with little to no downtime involved – a real bonus when going into hiding for a week or more doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Treatments such as Clear and Brilliant and The Secret radiofrequency micro-needling prevent signs of aging by improving your skins health immediately and over the long term. Unlike Botox and Fillers, that do not actually prevent wrinkles or fine lines, with our treatments you don’t risk allergic reactions, muscle waste or impeded circulation.

Another benefit of starting laser under 35 is that younger people don’t typically require the same number of treatments so it’s a little less expensive than someone who made need multiple treatments before they see results.

We all know we’re going to get older, but at Vitality we can help slow down that aging process and maintain your natural, healthy glow!