Coolsculpting was brought into the market in 2009. Each area is a one hour procedure removing fat cells from the treated area. It is clearly the most recognized name in non invasive fat removal. For a long time, Coolsculpting stood without competition, but over the past couple years, formidable competition has been developed. We have had both technologies at Vitality Institute of Agoura.

Research has found that a fat cell’s survival is sensitive to both heat and cold. Coolsculpting takes advantage of cooling the fat, VANQUISH heats tissue to a temperature that is safe for all other structures such as nerves, muscles, and skin but can kill fat. After the Cool sculpting treatment, the fat cells gradually die in a process called apoptosis over the next 8 -10 weeks.

Vanquish ME uses radiofrequency technology to heat up the fat tissue to a point where the fat cells undergo apoptosis as well. The more treatments an individual has, the better the outcomes will be. Most people have 4 treatments

The advantage of heat is that it produces skin tightening and textural changes that cooling the skin cannot produce.

With Coolsculpting there is a handpiece that requires the patient to "gather" his fat and put it into the handpiece. This is a major downside to this technology because patients that have fat that can’t be drawn into the handpiece, can’t be treated. On the other hand, Vanquish ME can treat all patients. This includes the moderate to severe obese patient, who is not a candidate for the Coolsculpting.

The treatment area of Vanquish ME is significantly larger than with a Coolsculpting application. This is important because there have been cases of Coolsculpting treatments leading to demarcations between the treated areas. Correction of this problem is difficult, and might require liposuction. This has not been found to occur with Vanquish ME due to the large treatment areas, multiple sessions, and feathering that occurs on the edges of the area treated.

Coolsculpting has been advocated for patients with BMI’s (body mass index) below 30. This limits the procedure to those patients which are mildly overweight. On the other hand, Vanquish ME can be performed on all body types. The problem with treating the higher BMI patient’s with Coolsculpting is that they are at higher risk to have the indentations and demarcations then the lower BMI patients.

Potential side effects of Coolsculpting have been shown to be numbness, bruising, prolonged pain, and paradoxical fat enlargement. The potential side effects from Vanquish has only been temporary lumps that have formed under the skin that occur as the fat is being dissolved. These clear up on their own as the body process the destroyed fat cells.

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