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When you are researching hair transplant procedures, it’s imperative to learn how our SmartGraft procedure works, what to expect, and what results you can expect to see. We have all seen the "plug" look, the doll's hair, the unnatural hairline in a poorly done hair transplant. That will not happen at Vitality. Our team exclusively performs hair transplants and has the experience and the skills to tailor your hair transplant specifically to you, giving you a natural and full look, avoiding shock loss and a prolonged recovery. The initial step is a consultation with Dr. Sarti. There will be a review of your medical history and a scalp evaluation prior to discussing a recommended plan. From there, Dr. Sarti will explain to you more about the procedure and what specific things will happen on your treatment session.

We will provide you with the necessary instructions for preparations for the procedure. Typically, we perform most of our procedures earlier in the morning. You will probably want to wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite music and/or videos to listen to in small ear buds. You will be provided with lunch and snacks by our staff.

Why have your Hair Transplant at Vitality

For many men and women experiencing hair loss, it is important to know that hair transplant procedures have advanced in both techniques and technologies over recent years, producing faster, more natural looking results than ever before. Follicular Unit Extraction is the new “gold standard” of hair replacement that allows physicians to recreate a more natural hairline and add density to balding areas without the major trauma of an incision (vs. The Strip Method).

The Vitality Institute of Agoura introduces the most advance FUE automated technology for hair transplants to date, the SmartGraft automated follicular unit extraction device (FUE). It is revolutionizing the way FUE is being performed and is quickly becoming the “new gold standard” of hair transplant technology. It is the first and only “completely closed” harvesting system allowing Dr. Sarti and his experienced team to collect and store the donor grafts without the use of forceps (trauma) and without exposing them to the elements of the room.

Using a computer touch screen, Dr. Sarti can control the amount of moisture and the temperature of the grafts giving them the best opportunity for growth once they are implanted. Using the advanced SmartGraft handpiece, Dr. Sarti can better visualize the direction and angles of each graft and get a tactile feel for just the right amount of pressure to use in order to gently remove the grafts more efficiently.

With this “hands on” technique, Dr. Sarti and his exclusive team are able to use his surgical skills and artistic abilities to create remarkable, natural looking results. If you have been experiencing hair loss and finally want to do something about it, schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Sarti. A personalized consultation means you will learn all the genuine medical treatment options available for you. Call us at 818-735-0904 today!

The Actual Procedure

When you are arrive at our offices, you will be seated in a comfortable and private room. You will be joined by Dr. Sarti and the hair technician team who will explain the procedure step-by-step. We want you to fully understand the entire procedure and have your approval.

Commonly, you will be given a mild sedative so you can relax during the procedure. You should consult with the doctor prior to the day of the procedure if you need a ride home afterwards. Next, one of our techs will shave a small patch on the back of your head. Depending on your hair’s length, an area can be shaved in small sections so you can conceal the donor area.

The implant area on your scalp will be prepped and a local anesthetic will be given to numb the area. Then, Dr. Sarti will use the SmartGraft device to gently remove the grafts. After each graft is collected, the physician will strategically make tiny openings so the grafts can be implanted. This is an important part of the procedure because each graft’s placement and angle will determine how natural-looking the hair will look.

After the Procedure

Usually, our hair transplant process will take around five to six hours depending on the amount of grafts required. Once the procedure is finished, there will be a short period for you to rest. After that, you will be ready to leave the office. You are advised to make sure someone is able to take you home, but this is required if you received a sedative.

You will be given very specific details about what to expect in the time following your procedure and how to treat your freshly transplanted hair. We will probably recommend that you shampoo following day by a “cup wash.” Many of our patients are able to get back to work the following day and resume full activity within a few days. In most cases, people won’t be able to notice you’ve had the transplant until months later when they notice your fuller, natural looking head of hair.

Your New Hair Experience

Your transplanted hair will grow naturally over the course of several phases. In the first few weeks your hair will begin take root and then start to shed. That is completely normal. You can develop new hair within a few months of treatment and may attain full growth at 12-14 months.

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*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

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