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What to Expect During Your LaseMD Treatment

The future of skin revitalization is here. Commonly referred to as the “lunchtime laser,” LaseMD is the under 30-minute treatment that refreshes and restores your skin’s natural vibrancy without much downtime.

Jun 21st, 2019
The Hair Transplant Timeline

SmartGraft enables Dr. Sarti and the team to perform hair transplants without scalpels, staples, or stitches, for faster healing, less discomfort, and an improved result. If you’re ready to look and feel younger, SmartGraft may be the “smarter” option.

May 21st, 2019
What is an Instant Facelift?

Let’s face it, no one likes having sagging skin. As far as we know, a sagging, wrinkled face is only appreciated on Shar pei puppies. Now you can lift and reshape your face to restore a youthful appearance without surgery.

Apr 17th, 2019
How Ultra Femme 360 Can Improve Your Sexual Health

Rejuvenating your sexual health has never been easier. Laser technology makes it possible to achieve vaginal tightening, enhanced appearance, and an improvement in sexual satisfaction, all without surgery.

Feb 13th, 2019
Vanquish: A Non-Invasive Alternative for Fat Removal

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting the gym, sticking to a healthy diet and still having pockets of fat in areas like your abdomen. Now there’s a fast, easy, non-surgical solution to banish resistant fat for good.

Jan 4th, 2019
What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

While hair loss is thought to be part of a man’s world, women can also fall victim, including their defining eyebrows. As with men, the answer lies in a hair transplant for amazing results.

Nov 29th, 2018
Not Ready for a Face-lift? Try an Insta Face-lift

As we age, we tend to develop lines and wrinkles on our faces that can leave us feeling self-conscious. The InstaLift instant face-lift is a nonsurgical solution that will erase those deep lines around your nose, smooth your skin and will also lift your ch

Sep 14th, 2018
Health Smart: Instalift

It's the anti-aging procedure doctors say is perfect for busy parents searching for a quick pick-me-up.

Aug 23rd, 2018
Banish Saggy Neck Skin Without Surgery (Exilis Elite Ultra®)

You look in the mirror, ready to put the last touches on your makeup, and you decide that you also need a scarf to cover your neck. If you’re bothered by sagging neck skin, Exilis Elite Ultra® treatments may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Aug 23rd, 2018
Flatten Tummy and Trim Thighs With Surgery-Free Vanquish®

In the battle against weight, we have the ultimate weapon to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat around your abdomen and thighs: Vanquish®. No matter your size, take a moment to explore how Vanquish can flatten your tummy and trim your thighs.

Jul 10th, 2018