5 Benefits of an Instant Face Lift

Are you looking for skin rejuvenation that yields impressive results but without a facelift surgery?  An instant facelift can give you a rapid, effective, and natural-looking makeover, increasing the youthfulness of your look and adding a fresh glow to your skin while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. 

At the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Stefanie Feldman offers the Silhouette® Instalift procedure to provide an instant facelift for women and men. The benefits can be seen immediately, and your results will be long lasting. 

Reasons to choose an instant facelift

Over time, your body produces less and less collagen, which is the internal structure that braces and supports the layers of your skin. When collagen is depleted, your face starts to sag, creating lines and wrinkles. 

Traditional surgical facelifts tighten the skin, but an instant facelift works to rebuild the underlying structure. With Silhouette Instalift, tiny threads are placed under the surface of the skin, prompting collagen production and rebuilding your face's natural scaffolding. The result is a rejuvenated look that is natural and long lasting.

5 benefits of an instant facelift

You'll love your newly restored look and how it is achieved. Here are five reasons your instant facelift could be the best decision you'll make all year: 

1. Minimally invasive

Instead of a scalpel, Dr. Feldman uses a local anesthetic and a fine needle to insert nearly invisible sutures in the deeper layers of your skin to spur collagen production and improve your appearance. 

2. Short treatment and recovery time

The process only takes about 45 minutes, and the recovery is as fast as 24 hours. You can go right back to work the next day, with just some faint redness and minimal swelling. Most people say their friends and co-workers don't even know they have had work done!

3. Immediate, long-lasting results 

You'll be able to instantly see results in your face, and they will improve over the healing period. You can expect to see your features fill and smooth as collagen production makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear. The full effects will be visible at around the two week mark, and they can last 18 months or longer.

4. Affordable alternative to surgery

The cost of an instant facelift is much less than surgery, and also doesn't require a long recovery period that requires you to be off from work. 

5. Complimentary spider vein removal treatment

Dr. Feldman believes in overdelivering, so she includes complimentary spider vein removal along with your instant facelift. You'll have a younger-looking face and smoother, unblemished skin.

Are you ready for the benefits of a facelift without going under the knife? Call our office at 818-208-3803 or book your consultation online. 

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