Can Vaginal Rejuvenation Relieve Your Urinary Incontinence?

Many women are turning to radiofrequency (RF) energy therapy to help with various vaginal issues, including dryness, loss of tightness, and sagging skin. However, RF energy has another medical advantage. In one study, 88% of women who received RF treatment reported it had a positive effect on their stress urinary incontinence. 

At The Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Stefanie Feldman provides safe, effective vaginal rejuvenation using gentle radiofrequency (RF) energy. A pleasant side effect of this treatment is a reduction of urinary incontinence. If you’re struggling with dryness, vaginal pain, and urinary incontinence, Dr. Feldman can help restore your confidence.

The Ultra Femme 360® for vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation commonly refers to treatments that make the vagina tighter, more sensitive, and well-lubricated. Some aesthetic practices say these treatments make your vagina “younger.” However, many young women also experience problems with elasticity and lubrication, and can gain confidence from vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

The Ultra Femme 360 is a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat and stimulate the vaginal walls. It is quick, painless, and only requires three sessions to complete your treatment. Most women report an immediate improvement in the appearance and feel of their vaginal area, including relief from urinary incontinence. 

How RF energy helps with urinary incontinence 

RF energy heats the vaginal tissues, spurring collagen production and reducing skin and tissue laxity for vaginal rejuvenation. While this treatment primarily improves lubrication, tightness, and vaginal sensitivity, it can also help with incontinence. 

By stimulating collagen and elastin, the urethra as well as the vaginal wall are strengthened. This gives you better control over urgency and urine leakage that many women with stress incontinence experience.

The safety and effectiveness of RF treatments

RF therapy is completely safe for use on human tissue for rejuvenation, even in your most sensitive areas! A little mild swelling and redness is expected, but this is entirely normal and should go away in a few hours. At most you likely won’t feel anything besides a gentle heat during your sessions. 

You can get a better understanding of RF therapy and how it works by talking to a professional. To get in touch with Dr. Stefanie Feldman and discuss your vaginal health, call 818-208-3803 or request an appointment online

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