Causes of Hair Loss and How We Can Help

By age 35, two men out of three will have experienced the beginning of visible hair loss. By age 50, 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. For women, around 40% have hair loss starting around age 40, and by age 60, 80% of women have hair loss.  

At Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Stefanie Feldman offers SmartGraft® hair transplantation to both men and women. Restoring hair to a full, natural-looking state can boost your confidence and take years off your appearance.

Causes of hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia. This is also known as male or female “pattern baldness.”

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is marked by a slowly receding hairline that recedes faster at the temples. Eventually, the hair loss reaches around the entire skull and all that is left is hair around the ears and the nape of the neck and possibly a small patch on the crown of the head.

Female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness doesn’t make the same “M” shape on the forehead, although some thinning at the temples is common. Instead, women usually notice overall thinning, and loss of hair along the part of their scalp or the top of their heads. 

Hair transplants

At Vitality of Agoura, Dr. Feldman offers the SmartGraft procedure. This is a relaxed, in-office procedure, and you can wear any comfortable clothing and enjoy lunch on us. Dr. Feldman will explain the process and have you sign a consent form before giving you a mild sedative. While you relax, she’ll begin the procedure. 

We’ll shave a patch at the back of your scalp, and numb it with a mild anesthetic. Then Dr. Feldman will use a small vacuum-like device for follicular unit extraction (FUE). These are tiny samples taken from the shaved area of your head that contain complete hair follicles. These grafts will then be implanted on the areas of your scalp where thinning is worst.

You’ll notice a lot of “shedding” over the next few weeks. This is the remnant of the shaved hair being discarded by the follicle before it starts growing a new hair. It will take nine months to a year for the full effect of your hair transplantation to be visible, with the end result being a fuller, natural-looking head of hair.

If you are ready to try hair transplantation for yourself or to inquire more about how the SmartGraft FUE procedure works, book a consultation with us by phone or online today. 

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