How Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work?

If you’re looking at a tattoo in a new light, you’re not the only one. Statistically, 23% of people with tattoos regret at least one of them, and would have it removed if they could. In fact, in 2016, there were over 14,000 tattoo removal procedures in the US alone. 

At the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Michael Sarti performs tattoo removal using the Quanta Discovery Pico® laser. This leaser is state-of-the-art, and provides a faster, more consistent, and effective tattoo removal than many other systems on the market. 

Laser tattoo removal basics

The Quanta Discovery Pico is a picosecond laser, which uses incredibly short flashes of intense pulsed light across three wavelengths to fragment ink apart into tiny particles. When the laser is used on your tattoo, it passes harmlessly through your skin layers to target the ink. 

The pulse of light hits the ink and disperses it like an infinitesimal puff of dust. Your lymphatic system sees the tiny dust-like specks, and flushes them slowly and naturally out of your body. That's it — over time and with multiple sessions, your tattoo becomes history.

Overall, it can take anywhere from seven to sixteen sessions to fully remove a tattoo. The number of sessions required depends on the size of your tattoo, the ink density, when it was created, and what methods and ink colors were used. 

Advantages of the Quanta Discovery Pico laser

Many tattoo removal lasers only use one or two wavelengths of light. The Quanta Discovery Pico has three wavelengths, measured in nanometers (a billionth of a meter). Each wavelength can target a specific group of ink colors:

Since this type of laser is able to target more colors, tattoo removal can typically be achieved in fewer sessions and more effectively than with a laser that only uses one or two wavelengths.  We can adjust the laser to target the ink colors present in your tattoo for a customized approach. Before your first treatment, we’ll also discuss with you the potential outcome of your laser treatment, and how many sessions your tattoo removal may require.

In preparation for your first session, let any tan (natural or applied) fade away. Your skin will be very sensitive after laser treatment, so make sure you stock up on sunscreen and avoid direct sun on your skin when possible. If you are anxious about your tattoo removal, tell the staff at Vitality. We’ll be able to offer you laughing gas to make your treatment easy and anxiety free. 

Ready to get rid of that unwanted tattoo? Call 818-208-3893 today or book your consultation online using our handy scheduling tool. 

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