How to Help Your Acne Scars Disappear

Many teenagers and young adults struggle with acne, but some adults go on to struggle with the aftermath of acne, too. Acne can cause your face to have noticeable scars, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and even texture irregularities. Luckily, there are cosmetic skin treatments available, many of which can fade and minimize acne scars. 

The Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, delivers leading-edge acne scar treatments to minimize the appearance of acne scars for smoother, younger-looking skin. 

Types of acne scars 

Acne scars are caused by cystic acne breakouts, which can penetrate the skin deeply and cause scarring. Scarring occurs because your body produces too much or too little collagen while repairing the wound. Depressed scars are caused by too little collagen, which gives the skin a pitted appearance. Too much collagen causes raised scars. 

There are three different types of depressed acne scars

Rolling scars 

These scars give your skin a rumpled, uneven appearance. They’re caused by bands of scar tissue underneath the skin. These can be treated using laser treatments, microneedling, and skin resurfacing treatments. 

Boxcar scars 

Boxcar scars are craters in the skin left behind by deep acne inflammation. Shallow boxcar scars can be treated easily using skin resurfacing, but deeper scars might require a more intense dermatological treatment like subcision and punch techniques to remove scar tissue and encourage healthy tissue growth. 

Ice pick scars 

Ice pick scars are deep, v-shaped scars that look like you’ve been punctured with an ice pick — hence the name. They can be difficult to treat because they extend deep into the skin. If you have a number of ice pick scars, a combination of scar treatments can help reduce their appearance. 

Other types of acne scarring can leave behind dark marks and red bumps. These can fade naturally over time, but you can speed up the process using various skin treatments

Treatment options for acne scars 

You have many options for treatment when it comes to acne scars. The Vitality Institute of Agoura offers a number of minimally-invasive skin treatments, including: 

These treatments work by stimulating your body’s natural healing response. Creating micro-injuries, peeling the skin away, and gentle lasers encourage collagen and elastin production, which fades hyperpigmentation and fills in gaps left behind by scarring. 

Tired of living with acne scars? Learn more about the different treatments by calling 818-208-3803, or request an appointment online

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