Recovering from a Hair Transplant: What to Expect

Recovering from a Hair Transplant: What to Expect

Hair transplants have been around for decades, but the technique has improved immensely over the past few years. If you’re considering hair transplants, investing in a more meticulous method will yield better results. With follicular unit extraction, Dr. Feldman can create a natural-looking hairline with less damage to your scalp than other procedures. 

At the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Stephanie Feldman provides SmartGraft® hair transplants for thicker, natural-looking hair. This process works for men and women and involves safe, proven technology for reliable results and swift recovery times.

The SmartGraft process 

There are two types of hair transplants: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUT, commonly known as the strip method, takes a patch from the back of your head. This is then separated into grafts and implanted into the thinning areas on your scalp. 

Follicular unit extraction is more time-consuming, but it’s thorough and doesn’t leave any noticeable scars. Instead of removing a strip of skin, the donor grafts are taken using small punch incisions.

Dr. Feldman uses the SmartGraft system, which maintains the moisture and temperature of the follicles as they’re harvested. This increases the success of the grafts, boosting their growth after they’ve been implanted.  

What to expect after your transplant

Before coming in for your appointment, arrange a ride home and bring some entertainment, like your phone, tablet, or e-reader. The entire procedure can take about five to six hours, and you’ll want to stay preoccupied. 

Our staff will provide lunch and snacks, and you can get comfortable while Dr. Feldman goes over the process one last time. With your approval, you will be given a mild sedative, and your head will be numbed using a local anesthetic. 

The SmartGraft device is used to collect the grafts, each consisting of one hair. Those follicles are placed individually into your scalp, which is how the majority of the time is spent. During FUE, Dr. Feldman and her team can implant hundreds or thousands of hairs. 

Once you’re ready to go home, Dr. Feldman will go over the dos and don’ts of your recovery. Make sure to treat your scalp gently, and touch the implants as little as possible in the days following. 

Shedding is natural, and the transplanted hair will begin to fall out after a few weeks. Within 6 months, new hair will begin to appear, and you can expect your full results in 12-18 months

Interested in trying hair transplants? Talk to Dr. Feldman to find out why FUE is considered the gold standard. To get in touch, call 818-208-3593 or request an appointment online.  

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