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UltraFemme 360: The Ground-breaking, Non-hormonal Solution for Restoring Vaginal Health

Menopause and other hormonal changes can leave your vagina feeling and looking a little lax. You may experience some unwanted physical symptoms, too, including dryness and itching, painful sexual intercourse, and stress incontinence.

You don’t have to pump yourself full of synthetic, animal, or plant-based hormones to restore your vaginal health. Nor do you have to undergo painful invasive surgery with a long recovery time. At the Vitality Institute of Agoura, Dr. Sarti offers a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation treatment known as UltraFemme 360® as an alternative. The device uses radiofrequency energy on your vagina and vulva to revitalize your vaginal and sexual health.

The power behind UltraFemme 360

The Ultra Femme 360 system uses the most effective, precise radiofrequency technology to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms and restore your vagina. Radiofrequency applied in the right amounts causes your tissue to form more collagen, a skin-strengthening compound. You also experience greater cell turnover and blood circulation and, as a result, a firmer, tighter vagina.

You experience UltraFemme 360 much like a pelvic exam, but a specialized wand placed into your vagina delivers a gentle, warming radiofrequency energy into the area.

Benefits of UltraFemme 360

In addition to tightening and raising your labia and reducing the diameter of your vaginal opening and vaginal canal, to increase sexual sensation, the focused thermal energy also enhances natural lubrication and creates firmer tissue to bring about improved vaginal sensation. You’ll find orgasm is easier to reach during intercourse and foreplay. When the area is tightened, it can also improve the symptoms of mild stress incontinence.

Convenience of UltraFemme 360

Hormones require precise dosing and come with side effects, including bloating, breast tenderness, leg cramps, headaches, and sometimes nausea. The only side effects with UltraFemme 360 could be mild redness and swelling immediately after treatment, and these will subside in a few hours.

UltraFemme 360 is also completely safe and poses no long-term risks. 

UltraFemme 360 is also comfortable as it delivers just the right amount of energy and the right temperature to stimulate tissue change, but you stay safe and comfortable.

An almost immediate solution

Hormone therapy can take weeks or months to bring about improvements. With UltraFemme 360, you typically have three treatments, once per week, for three weeks. Each session is short — about 30 minutes — so it can even fit in at lunchtime and doesn’t take much time out of your day.

You’ll notice results after the first session, and optimal results after all three. There’s no downtime following an UltraFemme 360 session, so you can continue with your normal activities.

Your face isn’t the only part of your body to experience the effects of aging. Give your vagina a face-lift with UltraFemme 360. Call Dr. Sarti or book online to learn how this groundbreaking treatment can change your vaginal health and improve sexual pleasure.

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