What Causes Hair Loss?

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by everything from aging to stress, and factors like hormones, genetics, and overall health can all contribute. Deciding on the right treatment requires a proper diagnosis, and diagnosing what’s causing your shedding can be a process of elimination. 

A hair loss specialist can help you find answers and solutions. The Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, delivers diagnoses and hair loss solutions that include leading-edge PRP treatments, which can be combined with other services like microneedling for optimal results.  

Diagnosing hair loss 

Hair loss, known as alopecia, can be broken down into a few different types

Androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness

This is the most common form of hair loss, affecting up to 50% of people over time. Male-pattern baldness manifests as a receding hairline, while women tend to notice thinning all over their scalp, often centered on their part. 

While pattern baldness is often hereditary, hormonal changes caused by menopause can contribute to the problem. 

Alopecia areata 

Caused by an autoimmune condition that targets your hair follicles. These bald spots often occur on the scalp, though your eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair can be affected. 

Traction alopecia

This is a milder, more subtle type of hair loss caused by tight hairstyles. Over time, the tension of pulling your hair back into buns and ponytails can cause your hairline to recede. 

Other types of hair loss include telogen and anagen effluvium, caused by stress and chemotherapy respectively. These forms of hair loss don’t always require treatment, just time. However, if you’re having trouble getting your hair to grow back, a specialist can help you speed things up. 

Finding the right treatment

Once the cause of your hair loss has been diagnosed, you can begin discussing your treatment options. Prescription creams can encourage hair growth, while corticosteroids can treat hair loss caused by your immune system. 

Hair transplants can also help you regain the hairline and volume you once had, but they can be pricey and require downtime to recover from. If you have mild to moderate hair loss, PRP therapy might be an effective alternative. 

Platelet-rich plasma has been gaining ground in many different areas of medicine, from sports injuries to skin rejuvenation. However, it’s established a reputation as a hair loss treatment. 

PRP for hair loss

PRP therapy begins with a sample of your own blood. This not only eliminates the risk of communicable diseases, but allergic reactions as well. The sample is processed using our Emcyte Pure PRP System, which concentrates the platelets into a plasma serum Dr. Feldman can use. 

Once applied to your scalp, the platelets encourage the production of growth hormones, which repair the hair follicle and facilitate new hair. PRP therapy can be used alone, as an adjunct to microneedling, or in tandem with hair transplants to boost your results. 

To get to the root of your hair loss, schedule a consultation with the team at the Vitality Institute of Agoura by calling 818-208-3803, or request an appointment online

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