When to Consider a SmartGraft Hair Transplant

Both men and women can struggle with thinning hair or a hairline that keeps moving as they age. Typical hair transplant methods require a long incision across the back of the scalp, and can take months to achieve a natural look. 

At the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California, Dr. Stephanie Feldman provides SmartGraft® hair transplants for men and women. To achieve thicker, natural-looking hair with discreet, safe, and successful technology applied by an expert, ask about SmartGraft by clicking or calling today.

The SmartGraft process

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) works by taking individual hair follicles from an area of your scalp with thick, healthy hair, and transplanting them to areas with less or no hair. We use the SmartGraft FUE device, which is a wholly closed harvesting system that cleanly and quickly “punches” out the hair follicle and readies it for implantation without needing forceps.

Dr. Feldman collects and stores your donor grafts, then uses a computer touch screen to balance their temperature and moisture levels for optimal chances of growth after implantation. This method causes minimal discomfort and no visible signs in the harvesting area. 

What to expect from a FUE hair transplant

Dr. Feldman will go over the entire procedure with you before your first treatment. The treatment itself usually lasts five to six hours. For extensive transplantation, you may have multiple sessions lasting a few hours each spread out over several days. Since this is a safe, outpatient procedure, you’ll be able to go home and resume your regular activities after each session.

After your session, don’t immerse your head in water. Avoid any rigorous exercise for about a week. You may feel some sensitivity or soreness, but this shouldn't be very disruptive to your life. In some cases, mild bruising may show up around the extraction or implantation sites. Resist the temptation to try and cover up with cosmetics, as the area needs to stay clear of contaminants.

You can expect some hair to fall out over the course of the next few weeks. That is normal. Hairs will fall out, but the follicle is still in place, and a new hair will soon start to grow. In a matter of months, your entire head will be transformed and you’ll have an incredible new hairline populated with healthy, natural hair. 

Get in touch with the team at the Vitality Institute of Agoura by calling 818-208-3803, or request an appointment online.

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