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Hair loss can be troubling for many men and women, and revolutionary hair transplant procedures like SmartGraft® are viable and lasting solutions for many of those patients. Dr. Feldman provides SmartGraft hair transplants for men and women at the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Agoura Hills, California and the surrounding communities. To achieve thicker, natural-looking hair with discrete, safe, and successful technology applied by an expert, ask about SmartGraft by clicking or calling today.

Hair Transplant Q & A

What’s a hair transplant?

A hair transplant procedure restores hair loss by removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and transplanting them to a thinning or balding area.

What can I expect during my hair transplant procedure?

You should wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring your favorite music or videos to help pass the time. The friendly Vitality staff provides you with a tasty lunch and ample nutritious and delicious snacks.

Dr. Feldman explains the procedure one final time and obtains your approval before giving you a mild sedative. A technician shaves a small patch on the back of your head, and Dr. Feldman numbs the implant area of your scalp with a local anesthetic.

Dr. Feldman uses the SmartGraft device to remove the grafts gently. Using a vacuum-assisted device, she collects grafts from the back of the scalp. Once the grafts are collected, she makes tiny openings to implant the grafts. When all grafts are implanted, your procedure is complete.

The hair transplant process usually takes five to six hours and depends on the number of grafts. You may want to plan for someone to drive you home.

What can I expect after my hair transplant procedure?

Your transplanted hair grows naturally over several phases. During the few weeks following your procedure, your transplanted hair takes root and starts shedding.

New hair develops within a few months, and you usually enjoy full hair growth within one year. Dr. Feldman takes pictures to track your progress so you can see your results.

What are the benefits of a SmartGraft hair transplant?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the gold standard of hair replacement and allows Dr. Feldman to recreate the most natural-looking hairline and increase follicular density to balding areas without the trauma of the incisions used in the traditional strip method.

The team at Vitality Institute of Agoura utilizes a holistic and natural approach to aesthetic medicine and features the SmartGraft FUE device. It's the first and only wholly closed harvesting system that allows Dr. Feldman to collect and store your donor grafts without using forceps.

Dr. Feldman uses a computer touch screen to control the amount of moisture and temperature of the grafts, giving them the best opportunity for growth after implantation.

Your hair transplant is individualized to give you a natural and full look by using the safest and most efficient methods. Book your consultation online or call today to start your journey to hair restoration.


*Individual results may vary